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Originally Posted by jyeh74 View Post
At what point do you have to start monitoring your oil to top off?

I change my oil every 7500 miles. I never had a problem between oil change cycles. I just changed my oil a couple months ago and I have about 90,000 miles on my car now. I probably only driven 1000 to 2000 miles at most when the light came on and told me to add 1 quart of oil.

At first I thought the shop that I go to didn't top it off. But I was having a conversation at the Pep Boys when I was buying the one quart of Castrol 5w-40 oil and he said typically that's normal. As your car approaches 100,000 miles it burns oil faster and you have to monitor it and manually add 1 quart between cycles. I've never typically had cars approach the 90-100k mile mark. Is true that I'm going to have to have a quart of oil laying around between oil changes now?
With 100k miles representing around 2 years of driving for me, I have taken several cars past 100k miles without issues with oil consumption. When I sold my 2002 VW Golf TDI (diesel) in 2010 to a coworker whose son needed a car for college, the car only had 361k miles on it with many performance mods and no issues with oil consumption. The car was recently (in 2019) sold to a TDI guru mechanic with well over 400k miles on the odometer. The TDI needed around 0.5L added between 10k mile changes and this was normal. The oil consumption did not increase as a result of accumulating miles on the car or with performance mods enabling the engine to make close to twice the rated HP and TQ. I regularly used the modded performance and the car had been modded for over 200k miles when I sold it at 361k miles. Most of the oil loss was from what normally leaks past the turbo seals. It was normal to find a coating of oil on the inside of the intake path everywhere downstream of the turbo.

I regularly check the oil level in my cars about every 1k miles. My driving mostly consists of long hard spirited runs on the highway where I drive my cars like they are the Autobahn burners that they are.

My 2014 535dx is only at 129k miles and I don't add a drop of oil between 10k mile oil changes by the book. The d models have a dipstick and the oil level indicated on the dipstick doesn't change over 10k miles. All I do is change the oil at 10k miles by the book and never add a drop between changes.

My 2012 X5 35d is only at 225k miles and climbing. The oil is changed at 11k miles by the book. At around 7k miles on the oil, the iDrive oil level drops to 3/4 of max and the dipstick shows about halfway between the full and add marks in the "safe" zone. I add about 0.5L of oil to top it off and then don't touch it again until the next oil change. The oil consumption has not increased as the miles have accumulated. I could easily go the full 11k mile OCI without adding a drop but I'm paranoid about the oil level and check it regularly and top off when the iDrive shows anything less than full.

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