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The part number for the cover on my 99 528i is 51-31-8-159-784 and is illustrated at As is the one for the rear window. BTW, short of having your own copy of the BMW parts catalog (ETK), the "realoem" site is super for looking up your own part numbers.
There is no reason for confusion between SEAL and COVER. I was simply trying to encourage the use of the correct name for the part. We are all talking about the same piece of crap rubber around the edges of the windshield and rear window.
I was also trying to encourage the use of the search functions on the various forums to find answers to questions and other how to's. Here's what I posted on RF.

"1. GET THE REPLACEMENT COVER FIRST! So you have some idea of how it goes in. Besides, at this point you can always back out and return the part. :-)

2. Take the "foamy" blocks out at the junction of the fender, hood, and windshield (bottom left and right corners of the windshield) to reveal the ends of the cover/trim. Start there on each side and peel it out, up and across the top.

3. CLEAN the crud out of the area between the body and glass. I have found that REGULAR HARDWARE STORE lacquer thinner (NOT AUTOMOTIVE GRADE!!!!) won't harm the paint at all. So I DAMPENED a rag with it and GENTLY wiped the groove out. Don't flood it, you don't want to get it on the adhesive that is holding the windshield in!

4. On install, start with the section across the top of the windshield. Making sure it's centered L&R properly before you start working it over the edge of the glass. Takes considerable force and maybe even a few karate chops with the heel of your hand to get it in there.

PATIENCE, they say, is a virtue!
(Also keeps you from screwing things up!) :0)

Yes, slips over the edge of the glass. Only problem MIGHT be if "they" got really heavy on the adhesive. It might have glued the trim in so solid you can't get it out. My windshield appears to be the original and there were just a few short spots where the adhesive and the trim were in contact.

Look at it this way. If it gives you a hard time, you have the trim in hand already. Go to the glass folks and at least you won't get charged their markup for the part. "

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