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Originally Posted by acoste View Post
Recent post from Porsche forum:

"However I do not see big difference in the amount my Taycan and my Tesla Model S recuperate in terms of usable range, assuming if the Tesla is better because it recuperates at all times, it should drive longer - but it doesn't. I drive the Tesla in basically one pedal mode with the highest amount of recuperation, and the maximum it does is 50kw (based on the graphic on the display). The Taycan on the other hand coasts - which is something unique to the EV world if you ask me, and makes it much more like an ICE car in driving too, with the main difference being the Taycan does not slow down at all when coasting compared to an ICE car which actually slows down quite a bit more. However, when you step on the brakes, it recuperates up to 275kw - or 5.5 times what the Tesla does and honestly, in my driving style I dont't see any real life difference in the amount of energy both cars consume. It's around 27.2kw for the Tesla over 8000km and it's 27.1 for the Taycan for 400km. "
Assuming the 27.1 is kw, that would seem to indicate that the Tesla is 20 times more efficient than the Taycan, obviously not real. I wonder what else is wrong with whatever the guy posted.
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