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Originally Posted by acoste View Post
Based on independent tests I showed you you can figure it out by now that EPA is useless.

It can be tricked by setting the standard regen high for example. Tesla also uses overpressurized 41-45psi ECO tires. Additionally EPA results are reported by the manufacturers. Tesla is reporting such high range on dyno that no Tesla owner has ever reached in real life.
Tesla's standard mode is kind of a medium regen that automatically adjusts based on speed. The 41-45PSI ECO tires are the tires that Tesla provides and the pressures that it recommends and are the same tires that get used in regular tests of the cars. For EPA testing, don't you think a car should be tested in the configuration that the manufacturer delivers to the customer and which it recommends?

My LR AWD Model 3 is rated for 310 miles of range. On a warm day and keeping speeds to 65MPH or less on level ground, I have seen a rate of power usage which would work out to 310 miles or more on a number of occasions. I've never driven it more than 290 miles without recharging since I don't want to take a chance of running out of electricity and always leave a buffer. On the day when I drove it 290 miles, it showed I had another 50 miles of range left, but I had dropped 5,000 feet of altitude on the drive, it was a nice day, and speeds were mostly under 65.

Consumer Reports in their test of the Model 3 exceeded the rated range. Do you think that their results are bogus? There have been a number of Youtube videos over the years where Tesla owners have exceeded the rated range on their cars as well. Do you think they're all lying?
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