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help with secondary air system

Long story short,1998 Z3 M52 2.8. Had intake manifold off, to replace oil separator, kind of slipped into it so didn't take pictures of the wiring. Also replaced fuel injectors, all 6 as one was leaking gas into cylinder and then backfiring when starting only. When reassembled, I had some of the wires switched, although it still started. Think I have the wires figured out. I'm getting a reading from the temp sensor, and the two other (2 wire ones, one for charcoal canister, and one for the SAS switch) are, i believe correctly connected, in any event switching them does not change anything!. Engine always starts on the third crank (it used to start right away), secondary air system does not engage at all, although checks out, both pump and valve are good. Pump runs when 12 volts supplied, vacuum switch tested manually switches on and off, electric vacuum switch not yet tested. No codes. Thinking its a blown fuse somewhere, but all fuses under hood check out, in any event there do not appear to be any fuses for charcoal canister vapour switch or secondary air vacuum switch. There is a reference in the fuse box to a 40 amp. fuse under the steering wheel, but can't find it.
Car runs flawlessly once started, seems to have more power, idles perfectly. I did "reset all adaptations" twice, once when the wiring was misconnected. Ideas please?
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