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Originally Posted by Melissa
Generally I carry around a Nalgene bottle everywhere I go since I have a Brita filter system.
You childless types will never understand what we parental units mean by "convenience"

We're lucky if we can just located shoes on our way out the door and get places on time with the little tax deductions. Trying to keep track of a Nalgene bottle is, well, "inconvenient"

Hence the flat of cheapo COSTCO water... sits right next to the slding door on the way out to the garage. I grab 3-4 as I'm leaving with my son for Little League, for example. I'd go insane if I had to also ensure that a water bottle was located and filled.

OTOH, I can spend 20 minutes refilling a bunch of empties on a Sunday afternoon when there is no pressure, and restack them in the cardboard flat next to the door. Kinda like your lettuce prep on Sunday, babe
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