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Originally Posted by crabu2 View Post
You have to remember... I'm new to BMW. I still don't own one, but I have one on order. But I can tell you this.. Most of my friends that use to purchase BMWs don't any longer. They lease because they say the cars are NOT reliable like they were and they don't want to get stuck with large repair bills after the cars are out of warranty.

As for the N20... I've seen multiple posts on different sites about the chains popping and taking out the motor. BMW even has come out with a revised chain. Another thing I remember is the carbon problem when BMW started using DI and BMW's fix was to walnut shell the engine. I'm assuming BMW has re-engineered their motors so they won't need to be walnut shell blasted. But I remember thinking... How did BMW not catch this when they were in the testing phase? How come GM got it right and BMW didn't?
BMW is far from alone in having carbon deposits due to DI. It was fairly new tech at the time. As far as reliability, they are reliable. People come to the internet to complain about issues. It's anecdotal, not statistically significant.

No doubt BMW's are expensive to maintain out of warranty. So are Audi's, MB's, Jags and the like. It's always been that way except cars are more complicated now.
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