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Originally Posted by RockyM View Post
Direct injection and turbo charging are MUCH more prevalent in the industry then in the past, to meet environment regs. Issues related to this technology run across manufacturers and not a "BMW problem". Walnut shell blasting also is not a "BMW fix". It is an industry fix to clean carbon deposits. Why did you order a BMW if you are so scared of them, and frankly ill-informed. Ask VW about timing chain issues and water pumps. Ask Subaru about ringland failures. Etc. All manufacturers have their issues. People come to the internets to complain and blow these things up.
I don't know who started walnut shelling, but I've only ever heard of it being done by BMW as part of maintenance. I haven't recently heard of any BMW owners needing shelling with the newer cars, so they must have come up with real fix. And if they haven't come up with a fix, they're in real trouble because selling leases only work for so long... when the used market gets flooded with cars. I remember when Lexus had the carbon issue, they came up with adding an extra injector to wash the valves. GM.. I remember how all the news articles I saw were stating how they got it right from the get go.. Don't ever hearing about carbon buildup problems with anyone else. I'm just happy I don't hear about carbon issues with BMW any longer.

As for being scared about BMW, most things don't scare me except this timing chain. I ordered my car on a whim because I needed a new car. But unlike I normally do, I just stopped at a few dealerships to see what's available.. and picked from there. I knew I wanted a Vert ... A Mustang GT convertible to be more exact, but when you drive over 100 miles a day, MPG matters. 23 hwy ain't gonna cut it and with a Mustang, I can't do anything smaller than a V8 because that's what I had in the past. I knew I didn't want FWD or a FWD bias AWD car, so that left BMW. It had the important features I wanted like 33mpg hwy MPG, was a quick and fun to drive car. And being that the 228i had been out for a few years, I figured the bugs had been worked out...

Then I stumbled on a post about the timing chain on the N20... that post had links to other posts and articles.. even Youtube videos. I figured it was fixed with the revised chain on engines built as of 2015. But the 230 I ordered came with a different motor.. I'm hoping BMW learned their lesson and has it right on the B46. Still because of past issues I've heard of... it's scary... I'm like why did BMW put the chain in the back of the engine? Are they confident it's not going to be an issue or are their engineers just crazy?

I feel like I'm taking a gamble.. Especially since when I told my dad I was getting a BMW.. he, who is not a car guy at all, said I was making a major mistake because his friends no longer drive them because of past problems and they were a money pit.

Needing a new car that fits my needs, I've got my fingers crossed I'm not making a 50K mistake with BMW because they're building a car that has the features that are important to me..

BTW, yesterday I told a friend what I had ordered... she says you'll love it, but she had to get rid of her 330ci because it was in the shop all the time... That's not confidence inspiring.... I have no idea what kind of problems she had since most women I know take their cars in for most anything... Me, I do all my maintenance myself so I know it gets done and done right... Even my tires because I don't trust the grease monkeys .... you know they tend to not use torque wrenches on the nuts and what not... Most times, they can't even balance a tire on the 1st try.
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