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Hello OP (and anyone else interested),

I haven't posted much at all in the last couple of years, but I will just tell of my experience with my 2016 F30.

I got my car delivered Labor Day weekend of 2015...mine was part of the first wave of orders that got delivered.

So, I've had my car about 3 years and 8 months. I have just over 50,300 miles on it.

I've done all of the recommended maintenance through the service department at the local dealership (same place I got the car). Any time the car was approaching the service mileage interval, the service department would call and ask to set up an appointment. I would always take the first available. My thinking was, that if it was supposed to happen every 10,000 miles or so, and they are calling me with 1,800 miles (as an example) before then my car hits the 10,000 mile interval, and I take the first available appointment (within a couple of days), then I'm squeezing in an extra maintenance or two over the long run. (I hope that makes sense to you guys.)

I believe the included maintenance has changed since MY 2016s. Mine still had whatever was covered for a while beforehand...including brakes.

I got my breaks replaced around 46,000 miles. It was part of the included maintenance, and so it didn't cost me anything. The appointment was delayed a couple of days because they didn't have my rotors in stock. But that was the biggest job I've had on my car, and it was included.

The only other thing I've had to do is replace my tires. Yes, I'm still on the stock run-flats that came with my 19" 442M wheels. (There was a lot of new home construction around my house that I couldn't avoid, and I'm sure that's how the punctures happened (yes, multiple times). When I had to, I just went to Discount Tire and got their tire insurance. I have gotten a free, new replacement at least twice so far and it has saved a lot of pain and money.

I have a list of my options in the signature. If you have specific questions that about any of those over time, feel free to ask.

I have no issues whatsoever with oil leaks, weird things with the turbo, etc. I have HUD and it has ruined me (or made me super lazy) for driving any car that doesn't have it (i.e. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW FAST I'M GOING WITHOUT HUD??). Spoiled.

And now, I digress:

My two biggest issues over time right now are really stupid:
- steering wheel volume control is on the right side of the steering wheel, instead of the left. I feel this is stupid because some people have manual transmissions, and it could have easily been switched with the cruise control buttons that are currently on the left side of the steering wheel. My left hand is on the wheel 100% of the time, while my right hand is on the stick shift a lot of the time. So, phone calls and volume buttons will be used at various times, but always when my left hand is on the steering wheel. Cruise control, if being used, will then be used when I am not shifting right hand is not needed at that time to use for anything else. Seems like a simple thing that could have been better, with just a little bit of thought. (And I'm sure some people think I just need to get over it, but my point is, there are people who are paid to make these decisions and make things better, not worse...I want their jobs! haha...have you heard my complaint about ALL newer Chevy's right now? Super annoyed with someone there who thought one idea was good enough to put on ALL their cars right now...)
- iDrive wheel allows you to zoom in or out depending on whether you turn it clockwise or counterclockwise. Because of everything else that I've ever used in my life that has to turn, I would assume that to zoom in (make the map bigger) I would need to turn the wheel clockwise (right tighty, lefty loose, etc.). Nope. It's the opposite. And it's tough to get used to because it really is backwards from everything else in life.

But not that big a deal.
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