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Originally Posted by BSG1 View Post
Does anyone know (or can direct me to some good resources) about BMW's diesel exhaust emissions? Specifically, this is my first diesel vehicle, and I've always heard that diesel exhaust fumes are more toxic/cancer-causing than gas motors. But it feels like those reports are about older diesel tech, and I can't find anything specific to BMW other than they use DEF, SCR, and particulate filters to help reduce this. Does anyone know how these new "clean diesel's" compare nowadays to gas in this regard?
Since 2007, diesel cars sold in the USA/CA have to meet the same emissions standards that gasoline cars do - NOx, CO, HC, etc. 2007 was when Ultra-Low Sulfur 15ppm diesel was mandated. That resulted in significantly less soot generated, and the DPF reduces it to pretty much nil. (Interestingly, gasoline in the USA/CA has much more sulfur in it than diesel, up to 200ppm. That is the main reason that diesels use BMW LL-04 motor oil while gassers are stuck with the older LL-01.)

As noted, the diesel subforum is the place to ask more questions. Particularly, there are some pdf's posted of some BMW documents - look in the stickies for "Advanced Diesel with Bluetec", and some others; very informative.

Also as noted, interrupting a regen of the DPF by shutting off the engine results in a very hot and sometimes smelly engine compartment. They happen every 500 miles or so, but the car has to be completely up to temp before they start - long runs are good for these engines.
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