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Originally Posted by X5Driver01 View Post
3.) If all else fails get a quote from a BMW independent shop.

Re-read this thread. Be prepared and let them know you are very ready to move to option #3 listed above. This, I found, was crucial to my success during negotiations. An independent mechanic can be very important leverage - and be prepared to spend the $$ to get closer to the truth. The dealer and BMWNA does not want this!!
Do not accept the first, second or even third offer. See option #2

So true. People are facing a $15k bill, but wont spend $250 for a solid diagnosis.... dealerships know this, and use it. How many owners will seriously get a tow truck to move a car!??

"Oh, BMWNA recommends replacing the whole motor, so they wont pay for a teardown- will cost you $2500". Dealer most definitely DOES NOT WANT anyone saying 'this was the mechanics fault', because then the DEALER pays for it.

Dealer will make BMWNA look like the bad guy too. Remember, dealer's #1 goal is to protect their a$$es. They cannot be trusted to be an honest broker with BMWNA on your behalf. While you are limited, just understanding their conflicts can help you manage the communications.

If this happened to me, I would do the following:

1. Ask for a written explanation as to what happened
2. Ask if the dealer and BWMNA are going to cover it
and if no
3. Tell then they have no permissions to touch the car, I will make arrangements to have the car transported to my expert for a forensic teardown. "Can I have them pick it up tomorrow morning?"

If you have a locked motor, that is known to be scrap, it is only a few hours of aggressive parts removal to figure out the cause.... you arent doing a 'book time disassembly'. Its a 'what happened look-see'. JMHO
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