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I'll take a stab at this just for information's sake and to see if anyone can add to or clarify:

EEP-1 seems to indicate that position one of the EEPROM is ready to be read/written to for a mileage change/update. One tach update manual indicates to access two pins internal to the cluster to initiate this condition ("EEP-1"). Because it seems that it appears for you and others when a severe heat cycle occurs, I would guess that you have some bad solder joints, etc. that are expanding and contracting with the temperature.

If, this is the problem, it would be very hard to diagnose. Typically, in electronics work, a heat gun and/or cold air can be concentrated on suspected joints to see if the problem occurs. Seems you would need someone fairly well versed in the above topics to find the faults.

If it's just a one time thing, I would not pursue a fix. If it's actually stuck in that mode, the dealer should be able to help with the true meaning of the "EEP-1".

Some info links:

As some of the above links indicate replacement of the cluster to fix the problem, I would, at a minimum, remove the cluster and clean all of the contacts and then insert, remove, insert to improve the contact. This would help if it was a bad external connection but not if it's a bad internal connection.

Mention of a BMW Service Bulletin here:

BMW tech here mentions it's an internal fault code:

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