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Originally Posted by Autoputzer View Post
My 2014 535i has TPMS, but doesn't display the pressures. The capability is there, but it has to be coded in. In 2014, the only U.S. spec' BMW's to display pressures were M's.

Frau Putzer's 2018 X3 displays pressures. But, I still do it manually about every three weeks. One two of the pairs of tires, I can top off the pressures to be exactly even between the two tires and it will show a one PSI difference on iDrive. I like getting the tire pressures on an axle exactly even (with a quality dial tire gauge). If I later find one is down some, I go looking for a nail or screw and I usually find one.

BMW's bringing dipsticks back on the V8's. I hope they do it on the rest of their engines, too.
Dipstick on V8! Wow. I have a 2020 750 on order. My dad was a coowner of a gas station so I grew up around cars. There is something very pleasing to me to be able to check oil with a dipstick. Something about the ritual of taking it out, wiping it off, reinserting, then looking to see where the oil level is in relation to the lines on the dipstick. I'm glad it is returning.
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