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Hi John! PLEASE Help me with this deal!!
I am coming off lease with my 2018 X5 40e. Second X5 and looking at pulling the trigger on a third. I drive high miles and have had to roll payments into last lease deal As I was out of warranty on my 2015 X5 and now perhaps again. I'm thinking to buy new 2020 s40 X5 with M sport package. Love the car, it's a demo, 2500 miles, I'm torn though as I feel like I'm not getting a deal at 11.5 percent off MSRP plus incentives- that's a good deal off a NEW car but this is a demo so I feel like it's like just ok?? They are including CPO and service. Also the killer I'm burying 4 payments in at 1k each (again) Should I just ask them to build this same car and keep driving mine two more months? Would save me 2k in payments rolled in and I feel like I can get this same deal on a new build? Please advise! Tia!
While I'm not Jon, can I suggest that you take a step back and look at the overall picture beyond just the new car. What is causing you to have to roll payments into one lease after another? Are you driving 20k mi/yr but only signing for 12k? Why are you looking to get out of each one early?
No, I've been leasing at 18k miles a year! I'm not planning to lease again, as this past time I even made them do a 33 month lease which ends at 49500 miles right before factory warranty is expired and I'm still in a pinch now! I could care less about the mileage overage it's the out of warranty that I'm struggling with and don't want to pony up 5k for extended warranty on a lease. Previously my salesperson kept insisting I don't want to buy and put high miles on and be upside down. However, I'm buying this time and plan to drive it for the remainder of the 5 years (57 months) left with the CPO warranty. I'm just asking if this deal is good enough on a demo model or not and if I have some more wiggle room to ask for off price! thanks for taking time to respond!!
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