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Originally Posted by 1968BMW2800 View Post
It has been my experience that in order to evaluate a deal to determine if it is a "good" deal or not, we need to see all the numbers, broken out.
Discounted Selling Price before Incentives
Itemized Incentives
Any additions (including any roll over payments)
Dealer Fees
Taxes and tags
Money Factor or Loan APR Rate
Any other non-money value adds such as CPO, free annual detailing, etc.
Residual if a lease

In this instance, since OP is contemplating a purchase, how many miles/how many years will the car be driven? The "value" can depend on this. I once purchased a CPO with 13,000 original miles and drove it until the warranty was just about to expire and, having put over 50,000 trouble-free miles on the car, I traded it and received almost half of my original purchase price back in trade value, and I traded it for what has turned out to be the best lease deal I have done to date.

Lots of moving parts in deals like OP is considering. But, in the end, "value" is in the eye of the person who signs the deal and gets to enjoy the car.
Ok well let me put it out there then cause I'm so over the car shopping process! I love the car-but it's the principle at this point given the history of my overages (stupidity) I don't want to just say yes if I can ask for better.
Car 2020
X5 with m sport 2500 miles

Sticker 69920
Discounts 7920
Rebates 3250
Dealer fees 845
Tags Taxes are what they are...4700
Payoff on my lease 4100
72 months 3.49

I'll be buying under my LLC and taking tax benefits, driving18-20k a year and my salesperson says I have 47 months of unlimited miles warranty. And they are including 36 months of service as stated.

And yes if I can ask for things like detailing etc please tell me!

Thank you!
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