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Issues with push button start


It just MIGHT- I say again MIGHT be signs of a failing starter. Don't recall seeing what engine this is, but my wife's '07 X5 3.0si started to act as if the battery was weak/starting to fail. On cranking, there would be the initial starter activity for a fraction of a second immediately followed by a slight pause or hesitation that I associate with a a weak battery. This would then become normal starter activity and engine start. UNTIL on a multi leg all-day away from home travel day at the last stop (4PM on a SUNDAY!) we went to start for the final leg home and absolutely NO starer. Tried to jump with two different sets of cables and two different starter pads. Absolutely "Nuttin" - no solenoid "click" or other starter activity. Actually managed to get a flat bed to the local shop and a GOOD neighbor came out to give the other 5 of us a ride home while I waited for the flatbed truck. Monday AM, shop said "bad starter". Starter was replaced, battery checked out as "good" and all is currently well. BE ADVISED that on the 3.0si "six" - YOU HAVE TO PULL THE INTAKE MANIFOLD TO ACCESS THE STARTER FROM THE TOP, AND AT LEAST ONE OF THE MOUNTING BOLTS IS A SINGLE USE ALUMINUM BOLT THAT MUST BE REPLACED.
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