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Originally Posted by 408Racer View Post
That would be a toss up...I'll be more than happy to adjust the side bolsters of my passenger seat to fit either one. What threw me off a bit was seeing a blonde Lois Lane.
Agreed, for me it's a toss-up, but I'd make room for all 3 The Smallville Lana Lang got a bit silly towards the end (how she became a super powered superhero). I think Louis lane, in Smallville was more of a favorite for me. Definitely more toned.

Originally Posted by 408Racer View Post
I did. I liked the fact that the 3D-ness wasn't too in your face, it wasn't distracting.

I'd like to see Kevin Spacey come back as Lex Luthor...or they could go nuts and use Jack Black.
Recently just saw Hansel and Gretel. I had 3d and 2d version. Switched to the 2d because they did annoying thing (e.g., the lantern they were holding was in your face, and just distracting).
At some point the 3d in Man of Steel flowed in and I noticed it only when necessary

Did you notice the Lexcorp truck? You know Man of Steel 2 will involve old Lexie - though he is gonna hafta be some ruthless bad-ass. Definitely will have to beat this man of steel with his brains.
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Originally Posted by cwinter View Post
I agree with furby
Originally Posted by guerilla twang View Post
Hahahaha, I like you furb, you like to live dangerously.
Originally Posted by ProfessorCook View Post
I started to google to find a picture to match furby's suggestion to Gia, but it quickly became clear it was an inappropriate search to conduct at work.
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