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Originally Posted by Robert A
I just assisted a client with leasing a new Volvo XC-90 2.5T. Wells Fargo offered the best deal with a MF of .00175, a 57% residual on a 12k/36mo lease. (Volvo's MF was .0028 and residual was about the same).

The local dealer went $3k back of invoice, which included $2k of trunk money (they went into their holdback). All in all, it seemed like a pretty good deal for my client.

Two questions come to mind:

1. Do 3rd party leasing companies offer uniform rates across car brands as do 3rd party financing companies? For instance, is it likely that the .00175 rate is also offered on a BMW?

2. Is there any way to shop rates with 3rd party leasing companies directly, or do you always have to get your information through a dealer?

Thank you,
1) You can probably get the same rate (or your BMW dealer can) on a BMW... What the 3rd party leasers can't match is the BMWFS residual... Volvo actually encourages their dealers to use third parties, as the trunk money is usually not available with the Volvo Finance lease.... making the 3rd party lease cheaper overall.. With Volvo's generally poor residuals, Volvo would rather take the hit upfront (the trunk money), than by propping up the residual value and taking the hit at turn-in time..

2) Sites like leasecompare, or a local independent leasing company (they are in most cities, mostly geared towards higher mileage business customers) are about the only way you can shop 3rd party leasing yourself.. but, your dealer usually has access to better deals...

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