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Rear Brake Pads and Rotors

Hello All ~

Proud new owner of a 428i Convertible with Xdrive here. MY 2014. Owned it about a week and got the rear brake sensor warning.

I previously owned an E46 that I loved and I have experience changing brakes and rotors on a variety of cars --- including my E46. I took some pleasure in doing these things DIY. There are tons of DIY videos out there, but I am concerned about the specifics of my car and how it might be different from those in the videos.

In any case, I am considering doing the rear brakes DIY, but I have a few questions before I jack the car.

1. I think I have a good understanding of changing pads/rotors. Have done it in the past with my E46 and other vehicles. I am not too concerned about this being substantively different from those. If I am wrong, please correct me.

2. My real concern is replacing the sensor wire. Specifically, how hard is it to reach the plug-in? Some of these vehicles have the plug in a small plastic box that is easily accessible. With others you have to remove the inner wheel cover. If this is accessible, I feel confident in my ability to replace it. If I have to start removing a bunch of crap, just to get to it --- I will likely pay the dealer to do this job.

3. I have 9 months left on my manufacturers warranty. Miles don't matter --- it is at 38k and I will not put 50k on it in the next nine months. Will this void it?

4. I have about $200 credit built up at my Ford Dealer from previous work on my Taurus. However, they won't touch my BMW. That scares me a bit and makes me think there is some kinda difficulty with this job that I don't know about.

5. These cars have a low clearance. I really like that about them, but also concerned a bit about jacking it. I have 18s. It not M-sport, but Sport line trim. Should I be concerned?

That's it guys. Any insight is very helpful.
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