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BMW F30 2012 328i A/T Making Loud Whining Noise

Good day.

I urgently need advice please. About three days ago early morning my wife and I left to gym and we put the heater on because it was cold. The Coolant Level warning light came on so we went to the closest petrol station and checked the coolant level, but it was at the max level. We then started the vehicle and then the warning went away. The next day it was the same story, but in the evening I noticed when accelerating a whining noise would come from the engine bay. At first I thought its normal and something I had not noticed before. But this morning after a training session I drove back home the noise persisted and I accelerated more to see if it will go away, but then it started to become a lot worse. I will post a video shortly if anyone can please help me.

I am planning to go to BMW tomorrow, but I am so concerned so I am deciding to post on here today. Any advice will be appreciated. I have put the AC off and all the fans it makes no difference. Even if the vehicle is in Neutral and I rev the car it makes this crazy sound. The vehicle has over 100 000km and is out of warranty unfortunately.

Thank you very much.
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