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The engine is bulletproof, as long as it wasn't overheated. Being all-aluminum, if they overheat they're pretty much just paperweights from there on out. Other than that, you won't have trouble.

Tranny is your basic GM-built 4 spd. It'll go for a while longer, but who knows how long. It's American built, which means it's the equivalent of a ticking time bomb just waiting to grenade itself.

Bumper, fender, grill, headlight, wheel, etc will all be EASY to source. I know it doesn't take much to salvage an E36, but be sure to look into the suspension assembly closely. Chances are good it's gonna need a lot more than just a strut if it severely damaged the wheel, and you want to make sure none of the mounts or anything are bent, or you'll have a hell of a time chasing down ghost issues.

Basically, depending on the condition of the suspension there in the corner, it could be a good buy or it could be a complete headache. See about having it towed to a mechanic if you're not so inclined and have them check out the geometry and what other issues could be lurking.
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Ok...this is getting ridiculous. Someone come buy a few of these things.

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