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Originally Posted by Fatandre View Post
Any new stuff happening here? I am getting a 330E and am looking for some tuning performance options
Yes, you have lots of options now. Basically anything directed at the 320i LCI (with B48 engine) will work for your car, as that's the engine you have.

Super simple solutions
JB+ or Dinantronics sport performance tuner: Simple boost controllers allowing you to configure 0-4psi added boost. Gives you maybe 280hp. Takes literally 2 minutes to install/uninstall.

More advanced piggybacks, still easy to install and use
Ventura tuning (several maps, user configurable from around 280-310hp)
Mosselman itronic (only one map, 300-320hp)
Others exist as well.

Remap/flashing of ECU
You should be able to locate a local tuner (depending on where you live) that provide either off the shelf stage1 or stage2 remap for your car, or a custom remap. I've seen figures ranging from 280-370hp here.

More advanced do it yourself
JB4 - advanced piggyback that lets you configure and tune according to your needs, only limited by the fact that it is a piggyback, so you don't have complete access to all parameters. You also need to take some time to learn the platform

Botmod3 - Currently in closed beta for B48, but will be out soon. This is a remap/flash option that you actually do yourself, both off the shelf and custom remaps available, and in theory you could remap it yourself (I'm probably going for this option if it's released soon). This will also require you to take some time to learn how to do this, and feel comfortable hooking a laptop to your car and overwriting/editing the ECU.
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