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Originally Posted by KidneyKidney View Post
I still do not see the point of this vehicle (why buy an SUV with no cargo or rear seat headroom), but 250k buyers have felt otherwise.
Have you ever put your face up close to the open hatch of an x6? From this comment, I expect not. I've owned two x5s and one x6. My first x5 was the original body style. In neither x5 did I hardly ever choose to put anything at all in the back that would be higher than the cargo cover. Why? Because you can't see out the rear window.

The x6 has Exactly the same amount of cargo space under the cargo cover as an x5. I know darned well because I'm a packing nazi and I can get exactly the same amount of luggage in the exact configuration in my x6 as I did in my 2nd x5. More than in my first.

Can I get something that ends up being too tall in the back so that the hatch won't close? To date (3 yrs), yes. Because I'm a packing nazi. Annoying when I have to rearrange, but nowhere near worth the perhaps less the 7 of the 1135 days that I've owned the car to bear driving the behemoth that is the current x5. The original model however, I adored.

And rear seat headroom? I bought the car. I don't sit back there. 'Nuf said.

Now if you wanted to complain about stuff if you actually had experience, I'd be in there: horrendous rear visibility (with just the center mirror. This car requires mastery of the side mirrors. A trip to the PC will do wonders for that). Head hitting getting into and sometimes out of the front seats -- ouch! (And I'm short). And how in the heck can there be so little storage in a car this big? It's the same as the x5 though and makes me feel positively awash in storage after being in a Tesla. Swimming in it.
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