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You should know (and we have had multiple posting of the actually BMW internal document) that the BMW goodwill program usually involves a binary "0% or 100%" decision by BNWNA- with a carve out in which the DEALER gets to decide how much the owner pays in that range.

The key is that BMWNA will cover 100% but at warranty rates and with no part profits. The BMW Goodwill policy allows the dealer to charge you any dollar amount whatsoever - let's say a part is 350 retail, 200 cost- and warranty book time is 2 hrs at 70 if BMW pays, 4 hrs at 120 if you pay (dealers are allowed to quote whatever hours they want). BMW covers 100% of 200+140=340. You price is 350+480=830 At 50% BMW pays them 170, you pay 415. Do the math of dealer profits on the repair... A shocking policy, but we have see it in writing over the years.

I can't help but think BMWNA was at 100% from the get go for yours.

Well played.
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