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Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post

A few days later, he calls me back. Explains that they did the SCR warranty repair, and then were able to do the NOX warranty repair, and do a few forced regenerations and they finally took, and finally cleared the damn filter. Total cost: $0.
nice outcome! i would absolutely recommend getting at least the Carly phone app + OBD dongle to monitor you car periodically. (Or ISTA as mentioned higher in the thread - but the learning curve/commitment is higher on that route).

What you really need to do right now is make sure your coolant temperature gets to, and stays at, at least 80, or ideally 90 degrees celcius after the car has warmed up. You also need to see if you have faults on 3 or more glow plugs. Mechanics and dealers will readily miss a faulty thermostat because it doesn't throw an error. They need to actually drive the car around and test the coolant temp. Many don't do that and are oblivious. Do not believe them if they say "its all fine now". Trust me - you should monitor it. (Thread here where edycol helped me troubleshoot that temp and thermostat change. you can check coolant temp without an app.) A faulty thermostat can conceivably lead to glow plug faults because the car is continuously in 'warm up mode', utilising the glow plugs much more than typically needed, and failing.

If you have a problem with either of those (glow plugs or thermostat), you *may* find your freshly regen'd DPF will slowly block up again in coming months.

I have been down your path, and eventually got it all fixed. I'm one of the Australians that had to resort to getting the DPF removed/cleaned via heat/blasting methods used with trucks/tractors - NOT liquid cleaning - fingers crossed you've caught it early enough you don't have to investigate doing that.

I now open up Carly once ever 2-3 months to make sure all is working under the hood. Have been problem free for about 2 years now thanks to the problem solving help on this forum!

2014 335i

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