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Originally Posted by Tombmwfan View Post
Ok, well I'll keep pursuing getting hold of an EOS tester with a local dealer. I have run the transport mode delete service function to no avail. The service manual does say that the battery needs to be removed for a visual inspection after a crash. Is there any chance that physically removing it and disconnecting it would reset anything in the battery safety module? I'll give it a go anyway.

I'll look into whether or not INPA would work too. Anyone reading this that knows INPA well, let me know if you think this is a possibility?

Thank you God-follower for your help, I really appreciate it. I'm actually going to be taking the electric drivetrain out of the i3 and putting it into a BMW 2002 from 1974, have a look at Arago_Automotive on Instagram if you are interested? Tom
The conversion sounds fun! I am planning on doing a dual powertrain retrofit, taking two i3 drivetrains and replacing two 351W motors on a boat. We have the initial schematics drawn up, just waiting for the right time in terms of boating season and financing. Hopefully in the next two years.

I wouldn't hold your breath on getting a loaner EOS tester from a dealer, they run about $12k last time I looked. And the best part, you have to remove the battery from the car at least 12 inches to run the test; the pressure adapter that goes over the vent won't fit with it in the car

Removing it and even opening the lid is a completely silent process to the vehicle, it has no way to monitor if the battery has been disconnected or opened. Only if parts are replaced can it tell that service work was done.
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