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Best 2011 Radar Detector

Hi Guys,

I purchased a 335i xdrive recently and am planning to enjoy it thoroughly. To that effect, I am debating which Radar Detector would best serve me. I've been doing my research online for the past week and have found many biased reviews on radar detectors. I understand I may start a religious war here butů. Looks like its down to 2 options based on online reviews:

1. Valentine1 (V1)
2. Passport Escort 9500i

Valentine1: Reviews have it as an oversensitive and quirky apparatus that proves to be very effective. It's bulky, not sexy, cannot easily mute and cannot be concealed unless you purchase the "concealer" adaptor. On the positive side, it clearly indicates where threats are coming from and has rear radar detection. Its physical design would only be considered high tech in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979.)"

Passport 9500i: Fewer false alarms, sleeker and almost as effective as V1. More functions are available. It's futuristic design leaps forward a few years to "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982.)" Several users seem to prefer this radar detector.

IMO, both these detector stand out like dinosaurs in a higher-tech area BUT it's the best the market has to offer at this time, so...

Can I please have your opinions on which is better and has served you best in the past? Need other bimmerfest opinions to help me reach an informed decision. Budget: $500. Both detectors can be purchased for less than this amount. Being able to hide the detector is an important factor for me as the state of Virginia hates its drivers and especially those with radar detectors. I have found that the fine for having a radar detector in VA is considerably less than getting a speeding ticket + higher insurance costs (especially in Fairfax County!)


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