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Post-transmission fluid change problem

And it was going SO well...

Yesterday, I did a transmission fluid change on my 130,000 mile 2006 530xiT. I replaced the pan, and the Mechatronics sleeve, tubes and square double-seal. It all seemed to go fine, and I refilled the fluid per the instructions (took about 6-7 quarts). I reset the transmission oil counter and adaptations via ISTA. Took it out for a "training drive" and was about 90% done with the suggested process.

Suddenly I got a boatload of error messages, including A0B1, CD99, CD9E, CD9D, CDB0, 55C3, CF5E, D358, A3AA.

And those were pretty much all at once. I don't seem to be able to connect - at all - to the transmission with my OBD device (an Autophix handheld). I haven't bothered trying to hook up the ISTA machine, because I'm 99% sure it's also going to tell me it cant talk to the transmission.

Looking back over my job, the only thing I can think of is that somehow the sleeve wasn't installed correctly, and the connector has backed away from the transmission's plug. The instructions call for a 2-3mm gap between the transmission case and the locking ring on the car's connector. Hard to say (since it's so hard to get to) but it's clearly a few mm more than that - if I had to guess, I'd say 5-6mm.

I THINK I got the sleeve in OK - I rotated it until I felt it "sync up" with the housing, and was able to push it in (I thought fully in). I was able to push the locking tab down without difficulty, but could feel that it was "against something" - pretty much like I'd expect it to if its tabs were riding down a slot in the sleeve. The rotating lock-ring seems to be fully engaged - I can't turn it any more with what feels like "more than enough force", and I certainly don't want to break it off... the instructions suggest rotating it until "snug" and I've done that and a lot more.

Any words of wisdom out there from folks who've done this process before? Did I miss anything?

Mainly, is it possible to not get the sleeve entirely seated (but almost!) and still push the locking tab inside the tranny down?

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