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Originally Posted by bmwexpat View Post
Regarding the previous depreciation discussion. BMW's are OK cars but no longer the best in class. Also, BMW is now a volume producers and especially the 3 series in now a "belly Button car".... everyone has one.
Agree others have caught up and actually exceeded in some areas.

As for being a "belly button" car, I think it really depends on location. They are far more common on the coasts. Where I'm located, I'll only see a couple on a daily basis.

This can be seen in the resale prices for BMW cars. The good, cheep ones all seem to be in California where the market is really flooded and they become more scarce and more expensive as you move towards the middle of the US. BMW SUV's are different. There seem to be far more and fairly consistant in their prices and distribution. I experienced this first hand while shopping for my 4 series.

Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
Itís a shame that the 3 series has gone soft but itís just a car, not a classic. BMW has been selling 100,000 plus annually for the last few decades.
So very true.

In addition to the volume, I've also heard BMW's lease rates also hurt depreciation. BMW uses higher than realistic residual values used to incentivise movement of new vehicles which then leads to a glut of near-new vehicles coming off lease. All these cars need to be priced at a level in which they will sell on the used/CPO market and therefore the massive depreciation. Not sure how true that is, but it's a theory I've heard/read more than once.

I also wonder if the huge demand for SUV's and trucks is driving the depreciate rates too. Cars are steadily harder to sell, and declining demand is taking it's toll.
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