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Originally Posted by 408Racer View Post
I missed that. Which scene was it in?
Towards the end of the movie, the fight scene with the gas truck. It's brief, about a second or less

Originally Posted by 408Racer View Post
It is worse than corruption...revenue generation for the city/county/state is one thing but with this, each individual cop is, in effect, getting a commission, we're all fair game: driving too fast for conditions, unsafe lane change, tail gating, too much tint, no front plate, douche attitude, etc.

Then there will be the sheeple who would be all for makes them feel so good when the government keeps them safe. Just like the colossal waste of a joke that is the TSA at airports.....

Agreed. The worst are the ones where the cop "guesstimates" how fast you are going. In many places cops can give you a ticket based on their "expert opinion". Also, if the device is off by a couple of miles. One thing I liked about Switzerland, if you are going 5 KM over the speed limit then you get no ticket, but over 5 and you get a ticket. Their reasoning is that the radar detector margin of error is never over 5KM (not sure if it is or is not, but that is their logic)

On a side note, I always choose the "frisk and fly". They like to state that the radiation is the same dosage of someone flying...however, that is the same dosage in an instant, not over the course of a plane ride...timing matters. Then depending on who you talk to they say there is no radiation (contradictory). Then there are the machines they recently removed. Then someone told me "it's just like radio waves, not radiation" at which point I replied, "Microwaves, x-grays, gamma waves, delta waves...they are all just like radio waves, and they will all kill you".

I take the frisk and fly, and depending on my mood will either laugh it up with the guy or make them uncomfortable...typically laugh. I usually gauge them "don't you have someone hotter who can do this? maybe a hot red head, double d's, with loose morals, and a penchant for drinking lots of alcohol" Some get it and some are too dense...the latter then gets my other side.

In other words - if it's harmless, then i have been groped by many men. If it's not harmless then i'll be living healthy while everyone else has cancer (I am a business traveler so fly a lot).
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Originally Posted by cwinter View Post
I agree with furby
Originally Posted by guerilla twang View Post
Hahahaha, I like you furb, you like to live dangerously.
Originally Posted by ProfessorCook View Post
I started to google to find a picture to match furby's suggestion to Gia, but it quickly became clear it was an inappropriate search to conduct at work.
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