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Originally Posted by namelessman View Post
N55 turbo uses direct injection(DI), which is borrowed from diesel engine tech.

Maybe my hearing is not that sharp, there is no noticeable knocking noise at 1:58 to me. At 2:16, when the phone is moved close to the dash(?) the tick-tick-tick noise returns. That seems to be at a lower pitch than the tick-tick-tick from my N26, but there can be a difference between N26(I4 turbo) and N55(I6 turbo).

Is there any trusted local indy that can provide a second diagnostics/opinion?
Thanks for your explanation.
You asked me for a time stamp to listen to the vibration noise, not the ticking noise. The ticking noise is there all the time. This ticking is new to me. I didn't have it before, this is why I am making a big deal of it.
The weird thing is that my dealer blaming in to transmission!!
Even if local indy shop provided a second opinion, my dealer still won't take it , simply because they changed the transmission and fuel injectors!
Could it be a hydraulic lifter problem?
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