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Originally Posted by bear-avhistory View Post
Think one or more of your injectors is leaking into the cylinder. Had a big go round over this with the 335is.

Took it in told them what to look for. So of course they didn't because they had no computer errors.

So they replaced a sh*t load of parts on their dime with a number of come backs. Eventually they got around to replacing a set (3) injectors & shazam no more smoke or smell.

As for the noise I don't know. Remote diagnosis is pretty hard. Would guess if its a light constant tick, tick, tick its the injectors doing their thing. Because they are injecting fuel directly into the cylinder they operate at a much higher pressure than port injectors that inject fuel into the intake runners just outside the valves.
the fuel injectors were changed under extended warranty. I wonder why I didn't have the ticking noise before!
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