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Ideas on draining hydraulic fluid from Z4 ?

Hey guys,

I have a 2004 Z4. The roof stuggles to open and close. To the point now it works good in the beginning of the season and stops after a month or two all together.

This year it won't budge.

Latches work fine, and motor is whirring strong. I think it's a hydraulic fluid issue, but
every dealer I speak with wants to take the whole thing apart for thousands of dollars. It's just not worth it with the age of the car, to drop like 3 grand to fix the roof when the cars probably worth less than 9 grand now. And yes, I've read about all of the issues with the tops in these and am aware of them all.

I had just set the red ring in the boot to stay open and manually use the roof. I loved this!

My issue is the roof, is it's getting harder and harder to open and close manually. I'm 6'4" so easily can reach to open and close roof while sitting in the seat.

Pretty much i'm wondering, if I drain the hydraulic fluid, would I be able to more easily maneuver the roof up and down manually? I just want to use the roof manually from now on. It used to be so easy to manually open and close, but now, it take multiple pulls and pushes back and forth for about 20 minutes to close it.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but hopefully draining the fluid will remove the resistance (beside the weight of the actual roof)?

What would the best way to go about easily draining all the fluid if I had no intentions of putting fluid back in down the line?

Thanks guys as always!
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