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Originally Posted by GerWil View Post
I have radar based active cruise control on my 340 and it is one of those features that you do not need, until you have it. I find that I use it all the time which would never happen with regular cruise control. In spite of my disappointment with the blind spot detection and the ACC deleting the heated steering, I have notified my CA to request a late August ED minus the ACC.
I have also ordered the sport seats without the Msport package. The Msport suspension was standard on the 2016 but in 2017 is part of the Msport package. I am wondering if that is a contributing factor in the jittery ride mentioned in virtually all the reviews.
Yea, if I could get ACC with the heated steering wheel, I probably would, but my daily commute is under 15 minutes and in the winters the heated wheel would be great. I'd probably only use ACC 6 times a year tops, but I know I'd have that heated steering wheel on for 100 or so days a year to and from work. It's just not something I'd pay $950 extra for on top of missing out on something I'd otherwise use very regularly. I'll just have to suffer and use normal cruise control for those longer trips.

The suspension is an interesting change, but a bit of a moot point, since my heart is set on an Estoril Blue exterior. It would otherwise be something I'd really have to think about.
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