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Originally Posted by John MS View Post
Most of the time that is where it should be. Driving hard or in high temps with ac on will get it closer to 250.

Because it is measuring oil temp it won't heat as quickly as coolant. Because coolant is there to extract excess heat it surrounds the top and sides of the combustion chamber. And heats faster. Oil is there mostly to provide lubrication.
Thanks for the info. It's taking a while to wrap my mind around it, but it's seeping in.

Originally Posted by DadzBmerN20 View Post
Nooo, i am :nono this Halogen lights, haha. I have the same light setup, gawd they are hard to see in the nights, but hey if you want to replace the stock halogen DRL's get the LED type from bought them and easy to replace, mine are the 3600k LED Ambers, i will try to get some pics up of them. And you should not drive in Eco mode, lurk the forum here or Google why it can lead to TC wear issues and the (ASS) Auto-Stop-Start feature as well turn that off...I never drive in Eco or ASS mode every now, no issues so far, but i have only 43K miles on my car currently.
Thanks. Would you mind posting a link to the bulbs? I def want to get rid of the halogens. Haven't run across the eco mode issues you mentioned and I even tried searching. I do a lot of stop n go driving here in ATL and I do mean a LOT.
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