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Originally Posted by xerocool View Post
What i didn't realize until buying a BMW is that they consume oil like crazy. mine was asking for a quart in between oil changes.
I've heard that too. Is that still the case for the N20? What is your oil change interval? If 10K miles, a quart consumed aint bad.

I have a real problem with there being no dipstick. I check my oil often and actually find it quicker and more convenient to quickly pull a dipstick, than to run that whole procedure. Furthermore, I like being able to actually SEE the color of the oil on the stick and smell it too. There are things that happen to oil that you need to see, such as when it turns milky if there is coolant leaking into it.

Originally Posted by xerocool View Post
I took mine in for brake pad work (sensor was yelling at me to replace them) but the place that i bought the car from, or whomever did the previous maintenance work, didn't reset the sensor. The pad looked brand new. The shop said that it's a strong possibility that whomever did the work before didn't have the right software to reset the sensor. Also, they said that BMW doesn't resurface brakes. They just change them out (i thought that was weird).
Well, these days I don't think too many folks still surface brake rotors, I don't even on my older cars. For one, brake rotors can be had for cheaper these days, so resurfacing is not a good value. Secondly, when you remove surface material, you end up with a thinner rotor that heats up and warps even faster.

I didn't know about the brake sensor reset thing. Found some instructions here....nothing special needed...

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