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Originally Posted by iamthewalrus View Post
That's exactly what's going on. Go configure a comparable Audi A4 2.0T manual Quattro and compare it to a 328xi manual sedan. It's pretty staggering. Premium+Sport+Xenons+Premium Stereo+etc. and the Audi is at $39K while the BMW is at $48K. If I were in the market for a sedan right now, I'd walk into the BMW dealer with comparably spec'd A4 and 328 print outs, and request a serious price accommodation. If they can't meet it, I'd get the Audi. I've had an A4 before and it was a great car. BMW is going to find it very hard to command such a price premium with this kind of competition.
Just my $0.02.
+1. BMW can play whatever pricing games they want. At the end of the day, people are going to price out, like you stated, similar vehicles. The BMW is actually going to be more expensive now because whenever you add options, it's always more than having it standard. To me, the premium pkg and xenons should be standard equipment on all Audis/BMWs/etc because the vast majority of them sold now are. It would actually lower the cost of the vehicle if it was standard.

I'm much more in favor of paying $500 or $1000 less for the car and those options being standard than appeasing the small percentage of the population that doesn't want those options or can't afford them. Actually, maybe that tiny percentage or people would actually get those options if they were standard equipment, thus cheaper!
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