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Ok well curiosity got the best of me and it was a bit warmer today so I went out and put the borescope in the MAP sensor hole. Super easy. I was going to make a DIY but basicly so simple if you look at the diagram, the sensor shown is held in by 2 T25 torx screws barely even hand tightened. The gasket was so snug it was more difficult to wiggle out than anything else. The engine cover didn't even need removing, just open the hood, remove the 2 screws, and wiggle the sensor out carefully (but it is robust thick plastic, not overly delicate)

I snaked my borescope down to see the condition of the oil and valves and I was not overly surprised or concerned by what I saw. Pics are below

Typical oil type residue on the cast aluminum of the head because of the surface roughness acting like a sponge. The black part visible at the top of the picture is the black plastic intake manifold. Has a bit of sheen from oil like everything else in an intake. Interestingly, the machined areas of the aluminum head show now oil sticking at all and show a reflective shiney surface.

Now 2 Pictures of the valve luckily it was the open valve to see the contrast and gain more observations.

The valve stem itself has caked on carbon deposits which I was not happy about but honestly on a car likely past half its lifespan that I expect I don't think this is terrible. The good takeaway is that the upper part of the stem is still shiney and the seal is still in good shape to keep it that way. I was also happy looking at the disc area of the lower valve itself how it has no caked on carbon and more of a charcoal grey color than a black cake. I would compare the appearance to that of a sparkplug steel that has just been changed where it simply looks dirty. The camera is also low quality so doesn't help.

It is an internal combustion engine burning gasoline so I was not expecting to see silver colored new valves. Definitely not in need of walnut blasting. I will however try the CRC when the weather gets warmer for peace of mind.
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