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My $.02: Buy the 328 if it passes the usual "buyer beware" inspection!

I agree. Buy the tires yourself. Any tires the dealer puts on will be mediocre quality. I am not just being a tire snob here (though I AM a tire snob : ). Just ask anyone if they've ever been pleased with tires a dealer slaps on a car.

Five grand for that 328 is still a great price. If you get a good feeling about it, and it passes a compression test, and the temperature gauge doesn't stay "cool" after ten minutes (sign of shot thermostat & possibly worse), consider it a possibility.

If the cooling system seems solid and the engine has good compression, the 328 is a very nice car. I love mine.

If you buy it, be sure to flush the transmission then give it new fluid. If you merely replace the fluid without flushing first, you run the risk that the prior owner(s) NEVER replaced the trans fluid (common!) and adding new fluid will cause long-varnished gunk to move like heart attack cholesterol in some fat dude's arteries, if you get what I mean.

Many the neglected transmission has been "fine" on bad old never-changed fluid, only to catastrophically fail when someone well meaningly replaced the fluid and loosened the gear-killing debris accumulated from of years of neglect!
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