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Originally Posted by namelessman View Post
One thing that puzzles me is that, is electric a real assault or not? The Tesla factory supposedly will churn out Model 3 starting this July, but it is still unclear if Tesla will be around in the next 5-10 years.

On the other hand, MB coming up with self driving tech ahead of BMW can be a concern, especially if old-school driving characteristics(and ones that made "Ultimate Driving Machine" tagline plausible) are no longer the focus, then BMW does have to catch up on delivering the fancy techs to be at par with the rest of the competitors.
Electrification is one pillar of the automotive industry's entire future. In the context of BMW, electrification isn't an assault on BMW, rather, BMW is well equipped to assault marginal players like Tesla in the next 5-10 years.

Electrification in no way vitiates the "Ultimate Driving Machine" philosophy, but actually bolsters it. A well designed electric powertrain, such as BMW's eDrive, delivers a level of smoothness and responsiveness that traditional Otto Cycle and Diesel Cycle power sources alone can't match. BMW has been very successful with the expansion and continual refinement of "eDrive". The BMW brand already has six EV and PHEV models globally (F30, G30, G11/G12, F15, i3, and i8) plus the F48 in China. EV and PHEV models from the Mini and Rolls Royce brands are coming soon.

I agree that Daimler is giving BMW some serious competition in the realm of autonomous driving technologies. I'm sure BMW will step up its game in this area.
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