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Remote Program Issues

Here's the low down...

2003 M5
FZV remote.
Buttons will not work on remote.
Key will start car, unlock doors and trunk manually.
Central locking button on center console works.
Tried to reprogram dozens of times, nothing happens and yes I did the procedure correctly.
I did replace the drivers door lock actuator and latch assembly. But the problem has been like this since I got the car back in September.
Checked all the fuses including the trunk and they are all ok.

I've read a lot of threads. I did see that several of them mentioned the fuel door actuator, and how it works with the central locking. Well not surprisingly, mine doesn't work. The fuel door stays unlocked at all times whether I lock the car by key or the center console button.

I've ordered a fuel door actuator. But I'm still on the fence if it'll make any difference. The key looks fairly new so I doubt the battery in it is that dead. I only have the one key and I can't get a new one yet. I have still not gotten my registration for the car. Both local dealers said it has to be that in order for me to get a new key. So until whenever I do get it in, a new key will have to wait. And no, I'm not buying a cheap ebay one.

If replacing the fuel door actuator doesn't work. Where should I go next? The logical guess would be the GM module. I also saw on some threads that someone sorted out their programming issue by replacing both the C-pillar amplifiers? Any other ideas welcomed. I prefer not to go to the dealer unitl I've exhausted all other options. I'll only do it as a last chance hail mary attempt.

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