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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
Yeah, I have a Pixel 2XL with Google FI and basically use it as a tablet / WiFi hotspot (their phone service does not really work all that well) and I run Waze on that and stream Spotify through my iDrive system over bluetooth.

To BMWs credit, I don't think that a lot of the problems are theirs. Apple has not been the best recently with their software. It seems that there is such a rush to match the feature set of Android, as well as add under the hood connectivity that things are not as solid as in the past. In fairness the feature set of the current gen iOS device is magnitudes larger than devices from just a few years ago, and software is really hard. They are also changing the way developers can access APIs. Luckily, they tend to keep compatibility in place for a very long time. I have the old VX-Works based iDrive (the new one is QNX) in my 2011 1M and last I checked, all of the connected stuff still works.

It seems that these connected systems in cars do nothing other than expand and get more complicated. BMW is also signaling their desire to see 'infotainment as a subscription' as a profit center. They have recently made CarPlay a time limited option, so if you want to keep using it, like their Connected Drive subscription, you will have to pay a monthly / annual fee to keep it working.

To this point the usability and reliability of the offerings of car manufacturers, combined with better solutions elsewhere has lead me down an interesting path when it comes to where I see my interests changing over the next few years. I find that I would rather have my technology in a package that is more economically upgraded and on a platform where I have the choice of the applications I want and I can choose how I want to interact with them. With the advent of voice assistants, all I want from a car is a bluetooth audio connection, and a good mounting point for my smartphone.

A few years ago, CarPlay was a huge factor when considering what car I might be interested in. After realizing that, other than Tesla, the majority of infotainment systems are frozen in time, given that, as well as one of my favorite cars to drive is my 1M, I think older cars seem a lot more appealing to me. I have been keeping my eye out for that perfect E46 M3, one particular thing I am looking for, is a car that was not optioned with iDrive.
I am still actively looking for an E46 M3. I'll even take a convertible at this point. I actively avoid newer cars with very integrated and deep infotainment systems. Where do you mount your phone? I struggle with having to use double sided tape on my dash. Thanks for the breakdown. That 1M must be very nice! Let me know when you are ready to let that bad boy go.
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