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New 328d owner with some Q's

Hi guys,

Just purchased a CPO 328d (black/black with sports and premium packages) yesterday. Coming from an Infiniti G37S coupe, it's quite a difference, but I really enjoy the drive, and even more so, the fuel economy.

Couple of quick questions: Does anyone know (or can direct me to some good resources) about BMW's diesel exhaust emissions? Specifically, this is my first diesel vehicle, and I've always heard that diesel exhaust fumes are more toxic/cancer-causing than gas motors. But it feels like those reports are about older diesel tech, and I can't find anything specific to BMW other than they use DEF, SCR, and particulate filters to help reduce this. Does anyone know how these new "clean diesel's" compare nowadays to gas in this regard?

Also, when I parked in the garage last night, there was a strong smell. At first I thought it was the diesel odor, but when I popped the hood, it smelled like a burning plastic or rubber smell (left side of the engine bay as you face the car, I think where the exhaust piping is, right around where the turbo is located). Seems to radiate more with the heat of the engine. I couldn't see any leaks anywhere, or any smoke, but don't think this is normal. Hopefully someone can chime in?

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to being a part of this community.

(I initially incorrectly posted this in the 2-series forum, sorry for the double-post...)
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