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E36 Digital Cluster

Hey guys, as many have searched and played with I am wanting to do a digital guage cluster for my 95 325i OBDI. The abvous issue, getting the live data and getting the live data quick enough from the OBDI system.

I came across a guy that has done so successfully for a pre-OBDII nissan. I wanted to start with trying to understand completely how the BMW OBDI sends the engines information via BUS lines and what protocol BMW used on their E36 lineup if anyone is familiar with that.

Secondly, I've read around on guys looking for scanners nd such that would be able to read/clear codes or pull live data on the OBDI systems with no luck. I currently have a Snapon Solus Edge with the 20-pin adapter, and I am able to read/clear codes, read live data,and also special functions such as turning each individual fuel injector, and idle air control valve. And am also able to enter every module present in the vehicle (DME/Airbag/ABS/Body Control/ect). I am curious as to how this scanner is able to cooperate with the bmw obdI, if anyone is knowledgeable on this.

I am no means capable of creating a software/code to display live data with maybe a raspberry Pi, and if idea is not doable. Would it be possible to replace engine harness with a OBDII harness and DME and just use a bluetooth reader with OBDII scanner app?

Now if yall are wondering why I'm wanting to do this, its solely personal. It's not for anything particular, such as tuneability or performance. But for what I'd like to have, and see when I'm driving my car. I don't go to car meets, car shows or to the track. And like to modify to my likes. Hope some of you can chime in with some good advice and help, alot of smart guys on here!

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