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Originally Posted by schley View Post
Being a fairly new member (i'm assumign you aren't a present member who created a new screen name) talking specific prices from a specific dealer is discouraged in an open post but would be good information for anyone in a PM.
It may be discouraged but I have seen specific prices posted from specific dealers many times before. This user was thorough and mentions the prices arent with negotiation but only the first price offered after sending the same, complete information to all dealers. This info could be gathered by emailing all these dealers. After a couple months this info will no longer be valid as dealerships change personel and prices regularly.

I for one find this thread very interesting. Most of the internet sales depts in dealerships dont spend time online (can barely put together an email) so they wont see this. Those dealerships that see this know what to change to be competitive. Just follow the Chapman Camelback BMW dealership example.

BTW, I talked to a friend from Phoenix. There are two Chapman BMWs - one in Scottsdale the other in Phoenix. The one mentioned here has a couple guys working internet sales. They initially use the default Ben email but give their names if you correspond beyond the first contact. One of them is Ben and he is very friendly. All the guys are very nice and dont play games with prices or hidden fees. I guess they do so much volume they dont waste time screwing with the customer like many dealerships. They have figured out that a quick and happy transaction means more in the long run than the extra $500 and aggrevation caused by too much dealing.
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