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Originally Posted by Gene Horn View Post
Yes, the car is fun to drive but make no mistake. The depreciation is due to the extensive repair costs. I am talking repair, not maintenance which is also expensive.

I own a 2009 BMW X5 4.8i with 114,000 miles. After the 50,000 warranty, the repair costs at this point have totaled over $35,000, almost all at a BMW dealership! Thank goodness for extended warranties!

By the way, my wife and I are in our 70s the only drivers and drive conservatively. The car is driven at 70 on the interstate, never red lined, no wheel spinning or floor boarding at stop lights, no sliding stops, etc. The car is extremely well maintained well beyond the recommendations. Oil changes ad 10,000 not the recommended 15,000. Differential fluid, transfer case fluid and transmission fluid changed at 90,000 although not required. Etc.

By the way, my previous car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited and required $3,000 in repairs in 212,000 miles. My BMW repairs are not a driving or maintaining issue. When I asked my service rep about my excessive repairs, he said most people don't maintain like you do.

if you want a luxury SUV and plan to keep it several years, check out the repair records and depreciation on a Lexus. If you buy a BMW, count on high depreciation and expensive repairs.
$35k in repairs?!?! That X5 would have been gone before that number $5k! Yikes. I hope you like it. Since 2011, I'm in my 3rd 335i/340i lease and when the current one is up in 2 years (9 years of leasing total), I will have spent under $65k, all in. Sure, I don't have anything to show for it at the end, but I had 3 brand new cars, no maintenance expenses, and not stuck with a vehicle that has a $35k repair history. But that's just me.

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