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Go with the M5!

I had an '04 M3 drop top with the SMG, and I liked it just fine. Who wouldn't? Except for the SMG, which I cursed daily. I was only able to drive it in Florida, and I knew every curvey road within 100 miles. Both of them. I traded it for an '06 M5, and I couldn't be happier with it. I live in the NC mountains now, and have been able to push the M5 considerably. Power, handling, road holding, and the SMG! BMW has finally got the SMG working, IMHO. I would always confuse the M3 SMG, but the M5 (once you learn it) actually can give you a higher level of performance. Granted, it's not as satisfying as getting a perfect combat downshift, but if the goal is to get the car to its highest level of performance, the M5's SMG will let you achieve it. I have no regrets! Oh, and the motivator for the swap? My 13yo daughter. She was miserable in the back seat of the M3 convertible (narrower in the back seat than the coupe), and it has a concave seat back; now I just make her car sick. One downside to the M5: I just had to replace the tires after 10,000 miles. All that mass has it's cost. And, although a Ferrari 360 is an order of magnitude greater in terms of just about everything a sporting driver desires, the M5 will accelerate almost neck and neck up to those speeds where LEO prays (preys?) to find you. Go drive one like you own it, and I'll bet you get the M5. Enjoy it, and be careful!
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