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Re: Suspension Question....

Originally posted by GSXR Drew
Guys, it's time to upgrade my suspension in my Z3 Coupe. I want to do the H & R Springs, and Bilstein shocks. I dont really need adjustables, but I was wondering what everyone thought would work well.

My initial thought was to go with Coil Overs, but for $1200, I thought that was a little steep. My second thought would be to buy the springs and the Bilsteins as separates. I think this would save me some money and offer me the performance that I am looking for on the street. I dont plan to autocross the car.

Also what other setups are available?

Where can I get the best pricing?

Are the suspensions in the M coupe/Z3 coupe interchangable?

Are the suspensions in the previous Z3 coupes interchangable as well?

Your thoughts on this would be highly appreciated...
Coil-overs are already present on your car, of course. I think you should take another look at coil-over kits, because normally coil-over kits comes with shocks and springs that's calibrated together or mated for a better balance. If you get springs and shocks seperately you'll end up paying a lot more.

You should probably look at swaybars first too. They are far more cost effective in improving handling.
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