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Originally Posted by namelessman View Post
My old E39 factory battery lasted almost 9 years and 90k miles!

My current F30 factory battery is 6.5 years and 65k miles, it still goes pretty strong for now.
As I said in the original post on this thread, my battery gave me no indications whatsoever that it was on the outs. In fact, I also mentioned that I would routinely forget to turn off my headlights when I went into restaurants and stores - return an hour or 2 later and the car starts right up with no problem. Itís just the angel eyes that would be on though. But when I took the car in for a regular maintenance, I was told that it was time to change the battery.

So just because it does not appear to be on the outs does not mean that it's not on the outs. My e46's battery lasted for 10+ years, similar to your E39. But remember those cars in no way tax the battery like the F30.

If your SA does not tell you that you need to change the battery at your next scheduled maintenance, ask him/her to do a quick check to see what your battery's status is. You may be surprised to find out it's nearing it's time OR it may be prime time to change.
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