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Originally Posted by jaye944 View Post

Question your saying with an x-drive you "don't" need snowies ?

I'm in the market for a 2 vert, and this kinda has peaked my attention
If you live in an area with a moderate amount of snow and can wait until the roads are plowed, you can make do very well with an xDrive and all-season tires.

If you live in an area where it snows a lot or if you will be out before the plows, an xDrive with true snows is the better choice.

If you find yourself in an ice storm without snow tires, xDrive or no, premium A/S or not, it's going to be pretty bad. Even with true snow / ice tires, it's not a lot of fun.

In order of performance in the winter:
  1. xDrive with snow tires
  2. RWD with snow tires
  3. xDrive with all-seasons
  4. RWD with all-seasons

There is a big gap between #1 and #2. There is a moderate gap between the rest.

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